Popplet! The essential application!

As a future teacher, being aware of the new technologies and applications related to teaching or learning is really important. Today I want to talk about one specific application which is called ‘Popplet’. This is a recent application which focuses on ‘mind mapping’. According to Tony Buzan, mind mapping is « a powerful graphic technique which provides a universal key to unlock the potential of the brain»[1]. Simpler, a mind map is a graphic which can be made of different shapes representing your ideas in an organized and clear way. On a Popplet, you can put texts, pictures and videos. It is probably the best application to do so for many reasons. First of all, it is really simple to access. It’s free and you only have to enter your email address and your name to subscribe. The only disadvantage with a free account is that you have a limit of five different popplets to edit and save. But if you want to have more, you can pay thirty dollars to have unlimited popplets for a year which is very cheap when you realize the effectiveness of this application. Moreover, if you don’t want to pay but you want to do more than five popplets, you only have to click on the ‘try it out’ button and the only difference with having a real account and always trying it out is that you won’t be able to save them but you can still upload them on your own computer as a pdf document. Secondly, this application is really easy to use. There is a little tutorial at the beginning which teaches the basics of Popplet. In fact, when you are on the website, you only have to click on the screen and a little bubble will appear with your name on the top of it. You can write whatever you want in this bubble and you can attach other bubbles to it just by clicking on the sides of the main bubble. You can also change the colors of the bubbles and the letters. There is not limit of how many bubbles you can put in one Popplet. It is very useful for teachers when they want to show their students a plan, an outline or a video. With the new programs in school which enable students and teachers to use their electronic devices such as tablets or computers, Popplet is a very effective application during classroom. With Popplet, teachers can also make their students work collaboratively because students can share and work on the same popplet. . According to Laurent Carlier, a specialist in didactic of languages and new technologies, Popplet is an essential tool on tablets in language classrooms. He also suggests that the teacher should put the students in teams of two when working on Popplet. He also explains that students could organize grammatical rules such as verb tenses on Popplet. Therefore, it is essential for students to use it, especially during a pre-writing activity because with Popplet, we can create clear and simple outline. There are several advantages for teachers to use Popplet in their classroom. Teachers can use it to show students visual informations, videos, images and many other things. Dr Jenny Lane wrote an interesting article about Popplet in which she gave us many ways to use Popplet for pedagogical purposes such as: Create curriculum plans, mind maps, shared bulletin boards, scrapbooks and photo galleries.[2] According to Amanda Bindel, Popplet is an interesting and fun tool for kids because popplets are fun to create and really easy to do so.[3] Finally, Popplet is a great application for learning or teaching because it enables us to create dynamic visual representations of any subjects easily and it is also very useful when you want your students to work collaboratively.

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