ClassCraft! Gaming while learning?

Hey guys ! I have something really nice for you this week. Last week I attended to the SPEAQ on campus and I learned about an awesome game called « ClassCraft ». It is an online role playing game that teachers can use while teaching to their students. As Alison Anderson reported last year, « This game didn’t focus on a specific subject matter, like physics, but instead helped enhance the general dynamics of the classroom. »It was created by Shawn Young, a physics teacher in high school in 2013. In this game, students are in teams and each of them chooses a character between a mage, a warrior or a healer. They can also choose the sex of their own character. This type of teaching is way more motivating for students and it creates a positive atmosphere toward the learning.. Each characters has their own advantages and disavantages. They all have health points, which can be decrease when the student misbehave, energy points, which can be spend to use powers, and experience points which serve to level up. It may seem confusing by now but don’t panic, I will gladly explain everything to you. First of all, every character has their unique powers. For example, a student can spend energy points to bring food in the class or bring note during an exam. When the life total of a student becomes zero, the team gets a consequence such as coming at school during a pedagogical day. Healers can help their teammates by giving them health. Warriors can protect their allies by taking up damage in their health points to save a student and mage can give energy points to their teammates. This method of teaching is interesting because it is not about academic performance but more about the behavior and efforts of the students. Also, this game is free and available to download for everybody. The popularity of this game is now worldwide. As Geneviève Proulx mentioned in an article about this roleplay, this video game is now used in 65 countries, has more than 100 000 users and is translated in eight languages. But the most important question : Is it improving learning or not ? Well, Dan Crawley wrote in an article that most of the teachers using Classcraft said that their class average have gone up 20 to 25 percent. This stastistic demonstrates how amazing is ClassCraft for students and teachers. As a future teacher, I will use this game to teach to my students without any hesitation.


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