Videos in classroom with Animoto! :)

Technologies in teaching are sometimes useful to entertain students and to keep their attention. This week I will discuss about the advantages of using Animoto, an application that I did not know but recently discovered. If you want your students to learn while having fun, keep on reading you will be satisfy.

What is it?

Animoto is an amazing video creation application founded in 2006 by Jason Hsiao. This application has over 10 million users and it allows them to create HD videos easily from photos, video clips and music. Animoto can be used to create any type of videos such as business presentations, family presentations, special events and in education. The videos made with Animoto can be shared with family, colleagues, friends, etc.

How does it work?

First, you need to go on Animoto’s website and then you sign up. There are three different packages that you can purchase. There is a personal package for 9.99 $/month, a professional package for 19.99$/month and a business package for 29.99$/month. The differences between the three packages are the number of video styles that are available, the number of music tracks and more options such as the number of users and the creation of logos. However, if you want to try the application before purchasing a package, there is a 14-day free trial. Teachers can send an email to Then, after signing up, you must choose a video style that will determine the look and atmosphere of your videos. After that, the application will direct you to the video creator. The web site will propose you to watch a tutorial, even if it is simple and easy, I recommend you to watch it because it gives useful tips. Then, you can add any pictures, videos or texts you want and select the order of your sequences. After that, you may choose a soundtrack for your video. At any time during the movie making, you can click on preview and watch what you’ve done so far!

How can an ESL teacher use Animoto?

There are many ways to use Animoto in education. First, as mentioned by Nick Merlino, this application is useful for creating welcome messages that will entertain students and attract their attention. Second, teachers can use it to explain a subject about the class. For instance, an ESL teacher could create a short video with images and add a voice in order to evaluate his students’ listening skills. An ESL teacher could also use Animoto to explain a specific chapter in an English novel or even to describe a specific place around the world. According to the website Teaching History, Animoto can be used by teacher as “a way to bridge curriculum and student engagement or develop digital storytelling projects”. Also, this tool can be used as visual aids. For example, an ESL teacher could create a video with functional language on it to help his/her students to perform an activity.

How students can use Animoto?

Students can use Animoto for many purposes in class. Kathy Wickline mentioned that students could use Animoto at the beginning of the school year in order to introduce themselves to the class. By using this app, they could put pictures of themselves, their interests and their families. Also, it is useful when they are creating a project. For instance, they can use it to present research information or to present a poem that they wrote. According to Pelin Irgin and Yildiz Turgut, Animoto is designed with a constructivist approach encouraging students to navigate, create, and construct their knowledge.

The benefits of using Animoto

One of the most important advantages of using Animoto is cited in an article on “Students will find the ability to express themselves through new media tools an attractive aspect of Animoto ». In other words, by using Animoto, students will have the opportunity to be more creative. Also, another advantage of Animoto is that the videos and productions can be shared via email or by embedding them into blogs or web sites. Moreover, an article on Learnitin5 adds that Animoto’s user scan upload videos and pictures from other web-based libraries such as Flickr and Picasa. In addition, the quality of visuals on Animoto is insane. Pictures and videos are in HD. Another substantial benefit of using Animoto is that it has a wide variety of styles, videos, pictures and music tracks.

To conclude, I honestly think that Animoto is “The” slideshow application that teachers should use.


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