Studying has never been that fun!

Welcome back everybody! Today I will discuss about another tool for teaching that I had never heard about. It is called Study Blue! I am sure that this application will change your teachers’ life and that you will enjoy working with your students.

What is it?

First of all, Study Blue is a free online studying application for teachers and students. This application allows its users to create digital flashcards and to store study materials. On Study Blue, the study materials are divided between classes. Not only you can create flashcards to study with study blue, but you can also use it for in-class activities. It works with a cloud storage, which means that you can go on your account and see your study documents with any computer, as long as it has an Internet connection. This application is not only offered on computers, but also on smartphones.

How does it work?

When you are on StudyBlue, you can either sign up with your Facebook account or simply by creating an account. Then, if you’re a teacher, you click on “teacher” and students click on “student”. If you sign up as a teacher, you must write the school you’re teaching as well as the subject and the class number. You can add another class at any time. Once the classroom is created on Studyblue, you may invite your students by clicking on “Send invites” and then you may enter your students’ email addresses with a customize message. Then, you can create flashcards for your class by clicking on “create flashcards”. A new window will appear and you just have to write a specific term with the definition in the bottom. For instance, an ESL teacher could create a category about kitchen tools words and write ‘kettle’ with the definition in the bottom. After creating all the flashcards related of a category, you click “Done” and the flashcards will go in your “Backpack” section. When your flashcards are created, you can also give quizzes to your students or to yourself. You simply click on “take quiz”, then you choose among three types of quizzes; Multiple choice, Type the answer and True or false. Then, you can also choose how many flashcards will be on the quiz and in what order. The progress of your students will be tracked as long as they use StudyBlue and you will be able to view their progress.

The advantages of using StudyBlue

First, it is free. Second, like I mentioned above, you can keep track of your students’ progress, which is very useful when evaluating. Also, students can study anywhere either individually or collaboratively. Mentioned by Jeff Herb, “Studyblue has the ability to track items that haven’t been mastered and will allow the student to drill on those specific items”. Moreover, Jason Combs, a writer for Education Quest, points out that you can even transfer your notes from other applications to Studyblue. For instance, if you’re using Evernote, you can convert your lecture notes into flash cards. Another strong point of Studyblue is that students can evaluate themselves by doing quizzes at any time. In addition, Wiktor K. wrote in an article that Studyblue is better than the other studying applications because it allows you to add pictures and sounds to your flash cards.

To conclude, I suggest language teachers to use Studyblue because of its efficiency and simplicity.


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