Pray for Socrative! No need to pay!

This week I will talk about a teaching tool that I did not know. Two days ago, I came across an application which seemed very nice. It is called Socrative. When I first read about this, it attracted my curiosity, but now it has all my attention. Keep reading if you want to integrate a tool which will positively entertain your students.

What is it ?


Socrative is a free web application which is mainly used for creating formative assessments and getting results in the actual time with students (Bharti, 2014). In other words, it is an application on which both the teacher and the students are connected on their own electronic devices, and then the teacher can ask his students to complete educational exercies on the website and get the results in the actual time. Socrative is available on laptops, tablets, smartphones and computers. Using it, the teacher can have his students answer multiple choice questions, true or false questions, short answer questions, participation in a space race activity, which is in teams and the goal of this activity is too answer questions quickly, and also have the students complete an Exit ticket, which is like a little self-evalution. With Socrative, the teacher can create quizzes or can also use pre-made quizzes on the website.

Multiple choice :

A question must be asked to the students either orally or on the board. Then, on their screens, the students will be given A through E options. On the teacher’s screen, the teacher will see the students’ results at the same time.

True or False :


True or False questions follow the same process of Multiple choice, the only difference is that students either click on ‘True’ or ‘False’.

Short answer :

The teacher orally asks a question or writes it on the board, then he clicks on Short Answer, the students answer the question on their devices and click on Submit.

Quiz :

There are two types of quizzes. The first one is related to the student’ pace. When the student answers, he goes to the next question. The next one, it is the teacher who decides when the students can answer the next question.


How it works :

First, you simply need to subsribe with your full name, your email adress and your job. Then, the site will give you your room number. For the students, they only have to write the teacher’s room number to log in. Then, you can create quizzes, or have your students answer questions. Creating a quiz is really simple, you name your quiz, then you choose the type of question, you write the question and you add as many questions as you want and then you click on ‘SAVE’. There is also a community with which you can either share your quizzes or import quizzes to your own library. There is another option which allows you to manage your quizzes. When they are saved, you can go back to your quizzes and modify them.

How can an ESL teacher use Socrative in the classroom ?

There are many ways to use Socrative in a class. First, you can use it as a pre-activity. For instance, using the true or false question, you can introduce a topic and ask your students what they know about the subject before engaging in an activity. For example, if the topic is Endengered Species, the teacher can ask questions and states facts such as Pandas live in Africa then, students will have to answer if it’s true or false. With the Space Race, the teacher can ask general questions in the students’ second language and the students have to answer in teams. The ESL teacher can also create quizzes related to grammar or any other topic. The website Tablets for Schools stated that ecause the teacher receives answers from the whole class in the actual time, he can provide immediate feedback and answers students’ questions.

The benefits of using Socrative :


First, reported by the website Tablets for Schools, Socrative is really simple to use for both the teacher and the students. Second, mentioned by Dave Yearwood, using Socrative allows teachers to provide instant feedback to their students. Third, according to EdTechReview, Socrative is a good student response sytem for creating quick student engagement. Moreover, EdTechReview also stated that the Exit Ticket, which is the section that allows the students to evaluate themselves, is a really nice feature that teacher can use to extract students’ response. Finally, it is free.

My opinion

From my point of view, even if I did not try Socrative in a classroom, I think that this is one of the best educational application ever. As an ESL teacher, I will integrate Socrative in my classroom without hesitation. I think that the best advantage of using it is that it entertains students and they get more involved.


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